Delightful Island Weddings on St. Thomas,
US Virgin Islands

Woohoo, you’re getting MARRIED!

How exciting!

There’s dates to pick, guests to invite and events to plan. There’s dress fittings, travel arrangements and parties to attend.

And if you’re planning a destination island wedding in the US Virgin Islands–even MORE exciting! You’re going to be in an exotic location, surrounded by gently swaying palm trees, crystal blue ocean waves lapping on the shore and white sand squishing up in between your toes. Or maybe you’ll go for a villa, resort or local church wedding on the island for a completely different experience. You can fill a villa or resort with your closest family and friends, light the place up, turn up some favorite music and CELEBRATE!

What’s the best way to start planning this stuff if you’re sitting 3000 miles away on another continent?

Maybe you’ve been to St. Thomas or St. John in the US Virgin Islands before and know it’s perfect for your dream island wedding. Or maybe you’ve heard about weddings in the USVI, but haven’t been there. Perhaps you’re planning a cruise and will be stopping by St. Thomas, so it’s ideal for getting married while you’re there.

Planning a wedding when you’re sitting at your computer, without knowing the local customs, regulations, wedding vendors or available locations can be overwhelming. You can spend hours Google-ing around researching places and websites, but how can you REALLY know what you’re getting?

At Weddings the Island Way, we understand how important it is to have a wedding that perfectly suits you and your partner. We also know you want something classy and delightful. It can be tiring and frustrating to try to plan for that when you are planning for a destination wedding. If you’re thinking of a destination wedding, St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands offers world-class white sand beaches, luxurious private villas, pristine resorts and island activities to entertain you during your stay. An island wedding can easily and affordably become reality…all you have to say is, “I do!”

Trusting local vendors, planning the timing and location of the ceremony and figuring out transportation for you and guests is probably something you would feel MUCH better about talking to someone in person about. Being able to talk to a professional to get real answers and suggestions can save HOURS of your time…and multiple waves of stress.

Talking to future brides to help them plan is OUR dream come true. We’ve been creating island weddings on St. Thomas and St. John for over 25 years. We’ve planned private island weddings, sailboat weddings, chapel weddings, simple and sweet weddings, elaborate traditional weddings…you name it, we can tell you what to expect, how to budget for it and arrange whatever is in your heart’s desire.

For an idea of wedding packages, you’ll find descriptions, photos and pricing on our St. Thomas Packages and St. John Packages pages. For customizable options to add to any ceremony, check out our Customize St. Thomas and Customize St. John pages. You’ll enjoy a selection of photos to get an idea of what your own ceremony will be like in our Gallery. You might enjoy some of our articles, like “How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses for Your Beach Wedding” and “Preparing for Weather on Your Wedding Day“.

Finally, check out our Local Tips, Rules and Regulations page as well as our FAQs section for island wedding details.

If you’d rather get started directly by jumping on the phone, please call us today at 1-800-755-5004 or email us at You say “I Do” – and we do the rest!

Thank you so very much for making our Wedding special to us! It was everything I had pictured and so much more. From the limo service that had someone personally walk us to the court room doors and back to the limo. To the beautiful beach. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous. I took pictures of my bouquet so I can remember them. You were so very helpful and answered all our questions–everything went smoothly. I loved every minute and I look forward to making a return trip. Terry and I had the best day and most fun! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Brenda & Terry Cook

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7 Steps to an Island Wedding on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

1. Pick the date and time of day for your island wedding.
Selecting dates that are NOT on the weekends or holidays is best if possible. If this isn’t possible–for instance, if you’re coming on a cruise ship–it’s best to have your wedding as early as you can to avoid the crowds. It generally takes about 45 minutes to an hour to go from the cruise ship to the courthouse to most of the wedding locations on St. Thomas. So, if your cruise ship drops you off on the island at 9:00AM, you can plan for a 10:00AM wedding.

NOTE: St. Thomas is on Atlantic Standard Time, and SOME cruise ships do not update their clocks when they come into our time zone. Please check on this from the beginning of November to the middle of March, because this is when the USVI is one hour ahead of EST. (In the spring to fall, the USVI is the same as EST.)

2. Pick the location of your island wedding.
Your preferences for anything from a casual, barefoot beach wedding to a gorgeous gazebo overlooking a vast Caribbean vista to a luxurious villa setting can be fulfilled in the US Virgin Islands. There are some great locations for your island wedding on both St. Thomas and St. John, as well as sailboat weddings available. You can even rent a helicopter and go to your own private island for a wedding.

3. Check availability and make reservations.
Email us to check availability for what you need for your ceremony: photographer, videographer, helicopter, boats, villa. Let us know your preferred wedding location, and we can handle all the details for coordinating the vendors on the date of your choosing.

4. Fill out the necessary marriage license paperwork.
Go to our marriage license forms page to find the necessary documents to file with the local court. We can take care of the filing for you – you do not need to be on the island before your wedding. Once you are on island, you will need to make a brief trip to the courthouse to pick up your license. (Please note that you will need to dress appropriately for the courthouse – no swim wear, short shorts, bare midriffs or bare feet.) Both you and your partner need to be present and have photo IDs.

5. Customized options.
From accompanying music to arches and aisles to flowers and cakes, we can accommodate whatever you would like to have at your wedding. Please visit our Customize page for St. Thomas or St. John to view the options, or email us to get ideas.

6. Determine your transportation.
There are several options available on St. Thomas for your island wedding transportation: car, safari taxi, chauffeured sedan or limo. We can help you arrange for transportation, whether you’re coming off a cruise ship or staying at a hotel or resort.

7. Go to the ceremony!
This is the best step! You’ll arrive to your island wedding location with your rings and meet the officiant and witness (we’ll be here as your witness and to make sure all is smooth). (Please let us know ahead of time if you have a nickname you wish to have the officiant use for you.)

If you’re having a ceremony on the beach…it gets hot, so full tuxedos are usually not a comfortable idea. Also, it can be breezy, so a veil can be an nuisance to control if the wind starts whipping it. (Flowers in the hair are easier to work with.)

Savor the moment, enjoy the location, bask in the sun and start your life together in a world-class setting.

All photos courtesy of Don Hebert unless otherwise noted.



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