Why choose Weddings the Island Way?

One of the biggest moments of your lifetime is approaching: your wedding. It needs to be fabulous, and everything needs to run smoothly to ensure a worry-free experience. We pay attention to every detail, from the smallest to the biggest, to ensure a magnificent event for you. Our wedding professionals attend to all details to make unforgettable weddings, from simple to elaborate.

Our office is staffed M – F, 9am – 5pm AST.

With over 20 years experience in the wedding business on St. Thomas, we’ve maintained a strong reputation for excellence since 1988.

We work with the top professionals in the Virgin Islands for ministry, photography, videography, florals, music & catering.

Why choose the US Virgin Islands?

The stunning views, charming informality and tropical ambiance – everything that makes them such a popular honeymoon destination – also makes the US Virgin Islands the ideal location for a unique and unforgettable wedding. Basking in the sunshine of a never-ending summer, the spectacular islands sit in the midst of the romantic Caribbean and boast “The finest weather under the US Flag”. The fact that the US Virgin Islands are under the American flag also gives them a great number of distinct advantages as the place to be married.

No waiting period is necessary once your license application is filed in the USVI courts (We request it be in our office 45 days prior to your wedding date).

No blood tests are required.

There are no residency requirements.

The US Virgin Islands are a United States territory; as such, your marriage is supported by all the protections of US law

…. and, the US Virgin Islands – ” Emeralds of the Sea” – are one of the most extraordinarily beautiful and romantic settings you could choose for your wedding!

We’re coming to St. Thomas on a cruise; can we still use your services?

Yes! Compare our packages with the cruise lines’ and you will appreciate the flexibility of our wedding company. Weddings the Island Way saves you up to 50% from what cruise ships charge. Whether you are coming for a day on a cruise ship or staying in a lovely property here in our beautiful United States Virgin Islands we can assist you with your wedding details from start to finish. Weddings the Island Way has orchestrated weddings for passengers from the following cruise ship companies:

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Princess Cruise Line

Holland America Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line

Radisson Cruise Line

Costa Atlantica Cruise Line

Sea Dream Cruise Line

Cunard Cruise Line

Windjammer Cruise Line

If you are coming for a day on a cruise ship we pick you up dressed in your wedding attire, wedding rings in hand and a photo ID for the bride and groom. We walk you through the quick court appearance and escort you on to your wedding. We personally handle all of the details of transportation, minister, decorations, floral, photography, videography, entertainment, food and beverage and any other details that you desire as part of your special day. Please give us the opportunity to make your wedding day as effortless as possible in one of the most beautiful locations in the United States – our magnificent and memorable Virgin Islands!

What’s the best time and day to get married?

Because all beaches in the Virgin Islands are public, we recommend an early morning wedding. A morning ceremony will be cooler, the beautiful Caribbean aqua watercolor is more vibrant and less people will be on the beach. The ideal time is between 9:00 &10:00 AM. By having your wedding early, you and your guests will have more time in the day to enjoy our beautiful island. Often the indirect sunlight in the late afternoon can dull the color of the water in photographs. If you prefer a later wedding, photographers suggest a ceremony 1 – 1.5 hours prior to sunset for optimal lighting in your photos and video.

For a more intimate ceremony, we suggest a weekday over the weekend for a beach wedding, as weekends tend to be busier. If you do choose a weekend beach wedding, we recommend the morning and renting a beach pavillion at Magens Bay. For a completely private location any day of the week, Garden Terrace offers a lovely setting that can accommodate up to 15 people.

Do we have a choice between male and female ministers?

Yes, we have both male and female ministers available, simply specify your preference when booking your

What about gratuities? Do we need to tip?

Gratuity is a very personal thing, some people tip the standard 15 -20% of the total & have us divi it up, others tip what they feel is appropriate & what their budget allows. Some of the people to consider are: Your Coordinator, Minister, Photographer, Videographer, Driver, etc. Some people prefer to add it to the total ahead of time, so they don’t have to think about it. Tipping is optional for groups of 19 or fewer. A 15% Gratuity will be added to groups of 20 or more.

We only have a few days in the islands. Can we still plan a wedding?

Yes, no problem! There is no waiting period or residency required in the US Virgin Islands.

What islands do you do weddings on?

St. Thomas, St. John, Water Island & Hans Lollick, US Virgin Islands.

We need to make travel arrangements; can you also take care of that for us?

We are not travel agents, but please call Debbi Tavares for air and hotel information, she specializes in St. Thomas. She is an excellent Travel Agent & we have been working with her for years. Her phone number is 973-895-4344, or email is debbi.tavares@avetravelgroup.com

What forms do I need to fill out?

You can download the necessary marriage license and application forms and instructions from our website. Simply fill out & email to us if this is your first marriage. If either of you have been married before, mail it to us along with any necessary divorce decrees & we do the rest! Once you arrive on St. Thomas, a quick trip to the courthouse is required to pick up your marriage license in person. You will need to bring a photo ID for the Clerk of the Court (Driver’s License or Passport).

Please go to the forms page for explicit instructions.

If you are divorced you need to send your most recent Certified Divorce Decree in English (with a raised seal or stamped certified copy) signed by the judge from the court in which you were divorced (not just a notarized copy). Your divorce must be final and dated thirty days prior to your wedding date if contested or by default. No exceptions. If either spouse is widowed, you will need a certified, stamped copy of your spouse’s death certificate.

Can I order wedding stationery stuff from you, too?

Yes! From low cost solutions to full party packages, you can select what suits your needs. We work with a third party stationery company to give you the opportunity to have everything for your wedding taken care of in one place. Click here to browse the wedding stationeryofferings.

Do you have fun activities for groups or for receptions…like sailing?

Yes – sailing excursions for your wedding party or for your reception are a fantastic idea, a unique experience for everyone. You can read about sailing excursions from one of our brides on our wedding sailing excursion page.